The Boys Season 3 Premiere Review: First 3 Episodes

The Boys Season 3 premieres with three episodes on Prime Video on June 3, 2022. Review by Matt Donato.

Season 3 strikes harder, gets angrier, and packs an even feistier “f#ck it all” punch. Butcher’s c-word hit squad tried draining the swamp as ordered when cameras weren’t rolling – Season 3 gets to the apocalyptic good stuff where all-out warfare will challenge Vought, The Boys, and anyone caught in Homelander’s heat-ray blasts. Character beats can be predictable when Butcher regresses as a father or a deadness in his eyes erases what little flickers of humanity grew, but it’s still those character beats that showrunner Eric Kripke does best with The Boys. It’s still spectacularly gore-heavy, filled with harsh lessons, and loaded like a powder keg ready to burst once Butcher or Homelander finally lays the gauntlet. Strap in, mothertruckers.

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